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What Are You Selling? Assessing Analyst Product

Date Published: January 28, 2016
You have to understand what sorts of things people want to buy. And while that seems like a rather obvious thing to know it isn’t apparent that firms bother to figure it out or that customers will actually tell anyone this save for preferred vendors. Having success in selling your analyst product requires some assessment.
A few items to consider:
Are you applying modern day market analytical tools or stuck quoting the golden oldies? (Note, that does not mean there is no value in “old school” analysis like Porter, Hamel et al and nor do basic business fundamentals go out the window (EBITDA anyone?) But there is a fluidity in how markets are viewed. As technology evolves so doesn’t the way that humans interface with it. Content also evolves in step with tech advancements.
Do your reports follow the format of what has been published over the past 30 years? Or are you keeping up with current content packaging and presentation? When is the last time you revamped your look? Still sending documents in Word or using covers that were what you used ten years ago?
Do you offer one time only products, continuous coverage or both? And do you support your products? And what exactly are you selling? Have you really considered what you are offering vs what it actually being called for in your market?
Do you look to engage customers through your offerings or are you hiding behind the firewall/website/admin?
And exactly “who” are you selling? The report is output and an expression of the analyst and their knowledge but it is the firm and the people that are the actual product.