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The Role Content Plays in Marketing Analysts and Firms

Date Published: January 28, 2016
Yes, we all have done content marketing in some capacity and long before it was fashionable. 15-20 years ago it as simple as pulling together a white paper, posting it and emailing the link and the leads came rolling in. That was then. Todays’s world is vastly different with the overwhelming amount of materials out there from companies, web sites, competing firms and SEO sites.
So yes, there has to be something more than simply publishing excerpts, tossing out articles or doing social media without some consideration for how it supports your brand is self-defeating.
Are you topical and relevant or just rehashing the current conversation? Are you talking about what’s next with any substance? Are you just spouting conventional wisdom and trying to pass it off as being connected?
Does what you put out reveal any deeper knowledge? It can be rather painful to see someone playing the role of charlatan when they put out content that is shallow and trendy. The people who stay connected to the fundamental issues in tech and markets and who can add context always win.
And does what you put out inspire some corresponding action or interest? If your content marketing isn’t spurring engagement then something is wrong…..very wrong. Either you are talking about the wrong things or you say things that make you appear second tier.