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Case Studies

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Case Study 1

Boost Sales & Decrease Spending

Client wanted to boost revenues while simultaneously scaling back its spending on advertising and other marketing efforts in favor of more impactful endeavors.

Case Study 2

Raise Perception As An Influencer

Industry analysts are measured by their perceived influence in the market. One metric is through media presence and in the form of commentaries and quotes within stories, submitted articles, covered news releases and participation within media events.

Case Study 3

Increase Engagement Within Their Market

Client was operating behind a firewall, issuing reports and producing the odd consulting assignment without actively engaging their market. Industry segment where they were operating was undergoing a rapid expansion phase and firm was at risk for being crowded out.

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SmarTech Analysis

SmarTech Markets Publishing delivers industry analysis and market forecasts for the 3D printing/additive manufacturing industry.
Our coverage provides insight for those companies offering 3D printing services, materials and software sectors, as well as those that make the 3D printers themselves Learn More

CIR Enlightened Analysis

Industry analysis and forecasting for short-reach optical communications and components.
CIR reports provide insight into the emerging opportunities in short-reach optical communications. Covering products, pricing, standards, new technologies and more. Our reports are intended as an essential guide to input into marketing and business strategies. Learn More

DFC Intelligence

DFC Intelligence was established in 1994 and its core team has over 100 years of combined experience in the game and digital media industry.
DFC has done major research products for most of the largest companies involved in the industry. Over 300 companies in over 30 countries worldwide have bought our syndicated research reports.​ Learn More

n-tech Research

A leading provider of research and industry analysis for markets related to advanced and highly functional materials.
n-tech Research is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis for the advanced materials sector, with a special focus on the latest functional and smart materials. The company is the next evolution of NanoMarkets and represents a rebrand and more from what has been an extremely successful firm that started back in 2004. Learn More

Inside Quantum Technology

Inside Quantum Technology Delivers Industry News, Analysis, Market Forecasts and Conferences for Quantum Technology Businesses.
Our coverage provides insight for those companies offering quantum computer systems, quantum encryption devices and software, and quantum sensors, as well as materials firms, end users and the investment community.​ Learn More

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