Creating Maximum Product Marketing Impact from Events

Creating Maximum Product Marketing Impact from Events
Client Situation

How to create maximum market impact for a product from a marketing event.

The client was about to issue a new study in a market where they had established some presence but faced competitive pressure from well established firms and overseas factories flooding the sector with low quality reports.  We advised the firm host a Q&A with a firm’s analyst where the analyst would be interviewed by us with the intention to:

Promote the firm

Promote the analyst

Promote the product

The event as created as a means for the client’s analyst to present findings, message talking points and better establish thought leadership. One aspect of competing against overseas firms is that they often lack effective front people to stand in front of the works they issue.  Having a name brand analyst helps to blunt the inroads these firms are making.


We posted the event announcement details, a sign up form, and conducted a drip marketing effort for the event.  We talked up the topics with all of the hashtags and hooks to capture attention. We made sure to target firms we wanted to tune in and asked them to submit questions in advance for the analyst to address.

For the time of the call we made sure to have a selection of 10 questions to address for targeted audience as well as key take aways that the analyst felt were the most noteworthy for the audience. The event was  recorded and a transcript was produced.  While the recording was made available for replay we went to to work on the transcript content to generate a significant volume of marketing content to boost the firm.

All 10 questions were presented with the intention to create 10 separate subtopics that we could turn into blogs, infographics, full scale articles and a social media commentary.

For a span of 60 days were able to flood the channels with content related to the topic and align the firm’s name with the subject matter. We made sure to mention industry companies throughout the campaign and tie our messaging and talking points to both the report and what was happening in the market. We took special care not to be obnoxious and over leverage their clout but instead, looked for ways to mirror and align.

Time Spent:

Q&A preparation took 2 hours which is made possible by the analyst being current on subject from having issued a report

Interview took less than an hour despite analyst having a lot to say for each question

Blog creation took 10 hours in total by utilizing transcript of the interview and quickly adopting the content to 500-800 word entries, 1 per question

Infographics took 2 hours to create 6 units each with graphics and talking points

Editing down the recorded transcript into podcast like segments took 4 hours to create 10 segments each with text and talking points to emphasize in content.

Marketing all content items, including event itself required a total of 5 hours

Total time invested was around 25 hours for the firm across different functional areas but produced a significant volume of content that could be presented and cross promoted across different channels.


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July 20, 2021