Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership for Industry Analysts

If you want to be a successful industry analyst or consultant, then you must be a thought leader, the person with the unique insights, the different way of seeing the big picture, the fortune teller, the visionary. The one that others look to for meaning, …

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Due Dilligence

Due Diligence When Buying Market Research and Analysis

Musings from my time in marketing and selling research and analyst services over the years…. I have heard my share of complaints from buyers over the years with them having been burnt on past report purchases which translated into reluctance in purchasing in the future. …

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What Do Recessions Mean for Market Research and Industry Analysis?

The industry analyst business makes its living providing guidance on where companies will find potential opportunities for products and services. Reports produced by analysts and market research firms generally conclude that “X” industry will grow as some % CAGR over Y number of years and …

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Challenging Conditions

Navigating Challenging Market Conditions, Thoughts for Analysts

Having issues navigating challenging market conditions that your coverage sectors are experiencing?   Inevitably markets slow, companies fail, conditions become challenging, industries contract and the firms who cover them from an analyst perspective are going to take a hit. Count on it. Should be common sense, …

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