About ilumatech

ilumatech is a consulting firm that specializes in supporting industry analysts, information providers and consultants to maximize their market potential.

Our agency model provides senior level marketing, revenue generation and management expertise for both firms and individuals alike looking to capitalize on the full value of their expertise in their target markets. Our full array of services can be optimized for any level of engagement based on client requirements.


Today’s information services business is awash in content, some of which is being supplied by offshore providers with minimal care for quality or best practices. Offshore research firms operate as virtual factories that churn out dozens of high level and often poorly written market reports that are devoid of context or true industry expertise.

Customers are challenged to procure reports that offer actionable value and have become more suspicious or research reports. The business is now saturated with generic products written by faceless analysts with no connection to their subject matter. The providers who do provide quality are not only seeing their revenues impacted but their own reputations challenged.

Marketing practices are also losing their effectiveness. Press releases for the next market research report flood Google and LinkedIn groups are market research spam fests pushing the next offshore report. SEO blog sites that offer click bait and malware. Email marketing? Social media? Content? The overload of content and messaging from every angle leaves the audience overwhelmed.

How does a firm get noticed any more?

And what of the individual who wished to embark on their own? Those with analyst or consulting experience understand the business but are challenged to both provide content and billable hours and market and sell their services, two activities that do not always go hand in hand.

Do You Want To:

  • Better compete against the offshore providers?
  • Develop or secure your place in the markets where you operate?
  • Generate more revenues off of your current products?
  • Bring new offerings to market or launch a venture?
  • Improve your brand?
  • Better message your products and offerings?
  • Receive an honest and informed assessment of your business?
  • Develop a relationship with someone with senior level experience who can advise and support you on the best ways forward?

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